Singapore – Week 7 – Contrasts

On Friday we flew to Singapore from Thailand. The contrast with where we have been for the past 4 weeks is quite striking. Singapore is one of the most expensive places in the world to live. For example to own a simple car you need to buy a license which at present costs £25, 000 for a 10 year license, after which you have to renew the license and apply to have the car renewed – they may refuse to do this if it’s too old. Cars themselves are ridiculously expensive starting at £30, 000 for a second hand small car and going up to 100s of £1000s for a luxury car.

The shopping mall below has a venetian style canal running through it complete with gondolas you can ride on. All a bit different to Cambodia and Thailand.

A new shopping centre in Singapore

We were guests of the lovely Ruth & Anthony Phua and their son Joel (Pictured below giving Ken a hug). Anthony is a bible teacher and Ruth is the senior pastor of a local church where Ken spoke at the weekend. Their niece, Grace, is also staying with them.

Ruth, Grace, Joel & Ken out for a sumptuous meal
Ken & Joel who is wearing the most appropriate T-Shirt ever.

I was speaking at a local church which met in an office block on the 9th floor. A small room, perhaps 25′ square which crammed in about 30 people and a full band and sound system – I like loud worship but my bones were rattling during this session!

I sang the songs I knew!

A lovely treat was to meet up with Enid McFall’s daughter and son-in law Julie & Jon Hall. They recently moved out to Singapore with Jonny’s job and it was lovely to visit them and see where they live.

Julie & Jonathan Hall in their apartment

It was a short but lively visit to Singapore and we flew to Malaysia yesterday (Wednesday 18th May) to begin a week of ministry and catching up with old friends here before going on to Nepal!

6 thoughts on “Singapore – Week 7 – Contrasts

  1. Hi, Thanks again for sharing, as you say great contrasts , good you could visit, Enids relatives, you and Ken are doing an amazing work in Gods name, thinking of you both, God continue to protect and keep you in His

  2. Thanks again Steve. To read your “blog”is so interesting and sharing the journey with you and Ken. God’s blessing on you both and keep you safe. x

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