Hungary – Week 12 – Szekszard & Budapest

Have had a wonderful and relaxing end to an amazing Sabbatical. I arrived in Hungary on Wednesday (22nd June). Met by Pastor Zoltan who has very kindly hosted me for the final few days of my trip.

Hungary is a beautiful country of wonderful historic sites and outstanding natural beauty. But once again it was the people I met who made it so memorable.

Zoltan & Eva were wonderful hosts and we shared many long conversations about ministry and mission.

I shared some of the stories of people I’d met through my sabbatical. He was deeply interested and moved by the persecution people faced and their unwavering commitment to the gospel.

He asked me to share some of the stories at two of the churches he leads on Sunday.

This is the church and village which John & Anita Barnes are from and it was by their arrangement that I was able to go. John came out to spend the final weekend with me and showed me the sites of Szekszard & Budapest, including his favourite Vintner and the beautiful Spa Baths in Budapest. It’s been a lovely ending to a remarkable Sabbatical.

Back home now for a few days readjustment before starting Parish work again on Sunday!

St Stephen’s basilica (appropriately named church for the end of my sabbatical)
Lake Szalka
John Barnes & me in Budapest
My hosts for the week – Zoltan & Eva
Sunday Morning Worship

7 thoughts on “Hungary – Week 12 – Szekszard & Budapest

  1. What a wonderful end to your amazing Sabbatical. Welcome home Steve and thanks be to God for your safe return. x

  2. Hi, Great you are home safely,thanks for sharing the last few days of your trip, you must
    have lots of amazing memories, of God working through His people,also some wonderful
    photos to remind you of your amazing trip.Welcome Home.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful blog Steve. It’s been really interesting to read and to hear some of the stories you’ve been told along the way. What a wonderful experience. Look forward to hearing more in due course. Welcome back.

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